Transformation in Northern Kenya


This might just be my favorite place on earth...the people, the wildlife and the landscape. This is a place where you see hope and you see intelligent people making real and visible change to their lives.

I was incredibly privileged & humbled to be able to go back to the Sarara/Reteti area in Namunyak Conservancy, Kenya with the amazing photographer (and one of the most bad ass people in this world) Ami Vitale. Ami has been telling the story of what has been going on in Reteti for many years now. For this project we documented Dave Matthews recent time he spent at Reteti. Both Ami and Dave have a passion for the restoration and protection of this special place and places like it.

We were a super small crew of just 3 people filming the project, Director Ami Vitale, DP/Camera Dane Henry and Brett Lowell on the Gimbal and Drone.

You can also view the film at Conservation international & Dave Matthews Band websites.

Big "thank you"s to Ami Vitale, Katie & Jeremy Bastard, all of the local Samburu who work at Reteti, the Sarara Camp staff, Brett Lowell and Dave Matthews & his awesome family!


A speedy adventure in New Zealand: Adobe Lightroom CC


It was a quick but fun mission to New Zealand. We profiled uber master adventure photographer Chris Burkhard and the way he does what he does on location and with Lightroom CC for post. I was blown away with the landscapes of NZ's south island and felt fortunate to have a camera in my hands with me at all times.

You can view the film on Adobe's website HERE. Also, be sure to check out Corey Rich's blog post with behind-the-scene info from the production HERE.

It was a great crew with my great friend & Director of the video Corey Rich, Chris Burkhard, Chris's Assistant Ryan Valasek aka "Snack Farmer", Sean Haverstock our Gimbal Op & Pilot, Sean Milner on the Sound Rec, and myself behind the camera.


Who Dat?...It's The Bucket Life Season 2


The first episode of Season 2 of "The Bucket Life" Travel Series, presented by Gayline, went live! Producer and Director, Cole Garrisson, brought me on another memorable journey, this time to south of the U.S. (can't reveal location yet) and New Orleans. The Team at Grayline New Orleans showed us some amazing hospitality, the big hits and some great under the radar spots.

I really dig the writing, editing and pacing Cole brought to the final piece. This is all small footprint shooting, with small cameras, small camera stabilizers, small drones and the motivation to shoot all day and night to get into the experience the city has to offer.

Production Services: WitHouse Productions
Producer & Director: Cole Garrison
Director of Photography: Dane Henry
Shot on: Sony a7s/r II Cameras, Leica R & Canon Lenses, DJI Drones and Osmos, LitePro Gear Cranes, Kessler Sliders



A Big Day in the Mountains


Winter is on in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and we are in the midst of one of the biggest winters in the past 6 or 7 years. Needless to say the skiers and riders are having a blast right now. My good friends Josh Daiek, professional skier, and Abe Greenspan, owner of TahoeLab Snowboards, hit myself and Bligh Gillies, photographer/video shooter, up to see if we would be psyched to document a massive ski tour they had planned. "If I'm here, I'm in!" I said.

Luckily the days lined up and we started the day driving out of South Lake Tahoe to Carson Pass at 3:30am. Our good buddy, Tahoe legend, Todd Offenbacher helped with some car shuttle logistics and even tagged along for the first bit of the mission. Josh and Abe went big, skiing 20 miles between 5 peaks with 10,000' vertical gain in one day! It took a lot to keep up with these guys. While I skirted around to find the longs lens angels, Bligh Gillies was hanging up close with Josh and Abe documenting the grueling day.

It's really impressive to see guys move super quick over long distances & elevation gains then still have the energy to ski some gnarly lines in really good style! Josh and Abe did just that.

All shot on small DSLR & Mirrorless cameras allowed us to do our best to keep up with the guys as the attempted the link up.

You can also view the full video Here at Salomon's Channel.


Getting Speedy with Alpha Romeo & Tin House Creative


California coast lines, Italian sports cars and Social Influencers...Director Rex Lint from Tin House Creative brought me on as the Specialty DP for Jib, crane and Aerial shots for a branded content campaign for Alpha Romeo. Using the Monterey Car Week as the back drop to the story, we then followed the Influencers through out coast line with Alpha Romeos high powered rides. Above is the main piece produced by Tin House Creative.


Funny Tribute with Alex Honnald & Stride Health


A beautiful summer day in the Sierra. Hanging out on the East Wall of Lovers Leap. Legendary climbing filmaker Eric Pearlman. The Hatchett brother's heavey Metal band, Fortress. The master climber Alex Honnold...and a wig.

Those are all the ingredients, to a funny tribute to Dan Osmans speed climbing record, Director Corey Rich brought together to make a unique ad for Stride Health. We had a great time creating this piece and I was super fortunate to DP the project and edit the film with Corey.

Corey pretty much invited out the whole Tahoe climbing community to help hump loads up to the top of Lover Leap! By the end we had a full band with smoke machine, amps, lights, 30ft camera crane and a crowd hanging out at the top of the East Wall.

Production Services: Novus Select
Director: Corey Rich
Producer: Josh Marienelli
DP: Dane Henry
2nd Camera: Bligh Gillies
Crane & MoVI Tech: Sean Haverstock & Canyon Florey
Additional Support: Ming Poon, Abe Greenspan, Victoria Low and so many of Tahoe's finest! Thanks everyone
Film Editor: Dane Henry


Nikon KeyMission - VR is here!


Above is a fun Behind-The-Scenes 360 VR video we put together of the trip. Watch it on your phone or VR goggles for the best experience.

I again had the pleasure of working with Director, Corey Rich, on his Nikon KeyMission film as the Director of Photography. In our month long adventure we had non-stop down pouring rain in the Columbia River Gorge, non-stop winds in Texas, our minds blown in Kenya and our skin burned in Thailand. Our athletes and talent were amazing to work with as they all showed how comfortable they were in their element. The highlight of the trip was definitely going to Kenya and stepping into, photographer, Ami Vitale's world and seeing the passion she has for the stories she covers. Check out Corey's great blog about the trip and check out the individual stories we also produced:

Above is the final inspirational promo video

Director: Corey Rich
Producer: Josh Marianelli, Lindsey Thompson
DP/Dir of Photography: Dane Henry
2nd Unit DP: Brett Lowell
Additional Camera: Corey Rich, Bligh Gillies, Shawn Corrigan
Aerial Pilot: Sean Haverstock, Mike Hagadorn
Aerial Camera Control: Dane Henry
1st AC: Shawn Corrigan, Bryan Lyscinsky, Canyon FLorey
2nd AC: Jose Borda
DIT: Sean Davis
Editors: Rex Lint
AE: Dane Henry, Sean Davis
GFX: Barry Thompson, Dane Henry


Staying Psyched with "Passion Projects"


time in the pines: tahoe's new climbing classics

It's always good to step away from the the pressures that production can bring by working on projects that you have a real passion for.

Rock climbing is a big part of my life. With so many new climbs going up in the Tahoe area I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the climbers and climbs that are making Tahoe better.

I talked some of Tahoe's most talented video and photo pros into helping me produce a series of short films about the new climbing in Tahoe. We brought out all the production toys from RED & Nikon Cameras, Freefly Drones, Movis, LitePanel Sola Lights and 30' Cranes!  The 3 part series is the culmination of hard work of the talented Lake Tahoe climbing and video/photo pro communities.

You can watch the rest of the series here at Time In The Pines

Special Thanks to the Video/Photo Team: Sean Haverstock, Corey Rich, Bligh Gillies, Brad Perry, Chris Stamey, John Considine, Kat Elliott

Special Thanks to the climbers: Noah Napier, Kyle O'Meara, Jesse Bonin


SketchUp - Artist Profile


I spent a few days in the City of Roses, Portland Oregon, working with Producer & Director Cole Garrison from Withouse Productions on a piece for the software company SketchUp. It was a fun project to DP as we worked fast and light pick off the content to tell the story.

Production Services: WitHouse Productions
Producer & Director: Cole Garrison
Director of Photography: Dane Henry
Shot on: RED DRAGON Camera & Leica R Lenses


The Dawn Wall, Google Maps & More...


There really is no place like Yosemite Valley in California, it truly is one of my favorite places to be in the world. I had the pleasure of spending a couple weeks this past January shooting on two projects in the valley for Big Up Productions and Sender Films. Watching and documenting Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgenson send “The Dawn Wall” route on El Cap was truly inspiring.

My hat goes off to Brett Lowell, Corey Rich And Kyle Berkompas as they stayed on the wall for up to 9 days at a time to film the close up footage of the climb and life on the wall. Using telephoto lens’, I spent 4 days shooting from the summit’s edge to get side angle views of the climb.  It was crazy to see how much the world media and public took notice of the two rock climbers ascent. Congratulations to Tommy and Kevin!

The whole production team stayed another week to shoot a Sender-BigUP project for Google. Creative Agency and Production company, Sender-BigUp, brought me on to help shoot El Cap scenics & Lifestyle footage of Lynn Hill and Alex Honnald for their Google “Yosemite’s El Cap” Launch video. With the launch video Josh Lowell & Peter Mortimor of Sender-BigUp do a really beautifull job weaving the narrative of exploration and “the human desire to delve into the unknown”.

Check out the Google site devoted to the amazing & ground-breaking Panoramic’s shot by Corey Rich & Brett Lowell for the project.


Fox Sports 1 Featurette: Stepping Forward


We were up in Billings, Montana shooting the incredible story of Koni Dole. He lost his leg in a football injury last season but with a drive and attitude that kept him looking forward he is back on the football field and garnering attention from college football programs.

The kid is an amazing individual and it was a real pleasure to spend some time with him for three days while we shot a feature for FS1 Fox Sports Live.

Dir of Photgraphy: Dane Henry - 2nd Camera: Chris Stamey

Shot on RED Epics & Leica R Prime Lenses


21 Days. 6 Continents. 16 flights


Gray Line Sightseeing had my head spinning! Director Cole Garrision, of WitHouse Productions, brought myself and good friend (and super talented DP) Rex Lint along on a whirlwind production around the globe. To our amusement we even ended up being part of the on-camera characters! We traveled extremely lightweight with just our camera bags on our backs and one clothes bag between the us all. Shot on Sony's super small mirrorless A7s and A7r cameras.

Production Company: WitHouse Productions
Director & Producer: Cole Garisson
Producer: Tim Shisler
Dir. of Photography: Dane Henry & Rex Lint
Editor: Cole Garisson



Powder Day Dreamin'

Josh Daiek hitting pillows with his trademark style. Still grab pulled from video footage ©2017 Dane Henry

Josh Daiek hitting pillows with his trademark style. Still grab pulled from video footage ©2017 Dane Henry

I'm very fortunate to live in Lake Tahoe and it just so happens that many of my friends are elite adventure athletes. So when the snow is hitting hard Josh Daiek, professional skier, and I try to get out there a few days each season and get some shots in the can. It's always productive, Josh is a silky smooth skier that can take on the biggest lines.

Here are a couple Instagram teaser edits, from the footage we captured, I put together for Josh Daiek's segment in the Blank Collective's latest film release Canvas.


Nikon D5 Release Film


Corey Rich goes for round two of getting inside the heads of some of the best photographers in the world. In “Inspired” he tries to find out what inspires them.

It was a great adventure working and DP’ing the film with Director Corey Rich. We had diverse locations from New York City roof tops, Nebraska’s prairie, super bike tracks and remote Alaskan grizzly country.

Client: Nikon
Director: Corey Rich
Director of Photography: Dane Henry
Aerials and Movi: Sean Haverstock & Dane Henry
1st AC: Brian Lysckinsky & Bligh Gillies
Editor: Rex Lint
Producer: Josh Marienelli
Production: Novus Select & Corey Rich Productions


B-Ball. Broken Hopes. Dream Again.

Isaiah Austin. Still grab from video ©2017 Dane Henry

Isaiah Austin. Still grab from video ©2017 Dane Henry

I traveled to Baylor University to DP a featurette for Fox Sports Live that aired on Thanksgiving. It was a real honor to meet and to shoot with Isaiah Austin, a former Baylor University Basketball player and almost professional basketball player. Isaiah’s story could be considered tragic but his grace through his challenge really shines through.


Otherworldly Lebanon


“Avaatara” now live at Red Bull & Vimeo. A rock climbing 1st ascent, by David Lama, out of the other worldly Baatara Gorge in Lebanon. David named the Route “Avaatara”, a combination of the place Baatara and the movie title “Avatar” that the gorge resembles.


It really was incredible to watch David find, figure out the complex sequence and finally climb a line out of the sinkhole.

We shot on Nikon D4s, Nikon D810 and Red Dragon Cameras. We were able to get a 30ft jib out over the top out of the climb with the Red Dragon on the Movi M10 with the Freefly Wedge for Focus & Zoom, then used Foolcontrol/Hotlink to talk the camera as well as give us Iris control. Aerials were flown duel Operator with the Freefly Cinestar and M5.

Lebanon was a beautiful an exciting location to shoot. Great climbing, food, people and beer. I’ll be back!

Corey has a great blog post about the productions over at his site: Corey Rich Productions

Thanks to: FreeFly Systems, SmallHD, Red Bull – Athlete Special Projects, Florian Klingler, Roy Mrad, Jad Khoury


Noble Spirit: Documentary


For over 9 months we toiled away on Editing and shooting pick ups for this documentary. I was handed 4TB of footage shot over the previous 3 years. A mixture of all types of cameras were used, from GoPro and handycams to DSLRs, Sony f700s and RED. The first order of business was to understand what had been shot and if a good story could be told. Fred’s story is a fascinating and inspiring look at how your past shapes your experiences and can prepare you for challenges in your future. We needed to see if that story was in the multiple TB's of footage.

I brought on Chris Stamey and John Considine to assistant edit, prep and go through all the footage. With the hard work these guys put in scouring through the footage I was able to get a good understanding about how we could build a narrative and what was missing that we would need to source and newly capture. There were stories that could only be told through archival images and video, interviews and video portraiture that would need to be shot, and scenes that we would have to be re-created.

I created a storyboard for the entire structure of the film, this gave the Directors, Andrea Johnson & Bob Holmes, and Producer, Tim Shisler, a visual road map of how the film would flow. They gave the thumbs up and we moved ahead with the editing. We made a rough cut using only existing footage and interviews. This gave everyone a clear understanding what exactly was missing visually and what we needed to focus on for the final round of interviews. Both Andrea and Bob live in Portland and where able to pick some shots here and there. In June 2013, a huge moment came when they were able to shoot Fred Paragliding on the Washington coast for the last time. We had talked about this being the visuals for the final climax of the film. The day turned out to be just good enough to get Fred up in the air and get the shots!

*above are still grabs pulled from footage I captured to supplement footage supplied by the Producers

We had gotten to the point in the edit where I needed to come up to Portland to shoot a handful of interviews with the people who would become the backbone of how we told the story. Fred had such a huge impact on his friends and family so we decided to use their voices to drive the story along. For the interviews I chose to do a fairly simple setup with no rim light, the new interviews couldn’t look completely different form the interviews shot by Andrea & Bob. But I did want them have a good feel and not be distracting to the viewer. I used a LitePanel Helio bounced off a white board as the key with fall off to one side of the face. No rim light and very little power on another Helio on the background. We also shot a bunch of slo-mo video portraiture with Fred, him looking at photos, in his chair with natural light falling on him, with his brother, getting acupuncture treatment, getting in his car and Fred’s wake up routine getting out of bed. I also had the luck of having a view of Mt. Hood from my hotel and was able to shoot a few scenic shots of the mountain and wildlife that got used in the film. All footage was shot on the RED Epic Cinema Camera with Leica-R Lenses.

We edited the film in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and created the graphics in Adobe After Effects CC and Photoshop CC. Premiere does a great job at handling any video file you throw at it. After Effects & Photoshop were used to cut up, layer and bring to life many of Fred’s archival photos. We edited at 1920×1080 16×9 aspect ratio but for final export we gave it a 2:1 aspect ratio crop for a bit more of a widescreen feel.

Working on long form projects is really a mixed bag of emotions. At first there is a lot of excitement surrounding the project and as you get into the middle the reality of the undertaking hits you. The understanding of that reality and the drive to keep pushing forward, little detail by little detail is so very rewarding when you hit the finish line. There are obviously things I would have done differently, maybe cut out or delved deeper into for this film but in the end it is about fulfilling the wishes and desires set by your client. I’m really happy with the way the film has turned out and excited to to get it in front of viewers. The Producer & Directors worked on film festival submissions as the first step and we were selected to a handful and won best documentary in the DAM Festival in Oregon.