Nikon KeyMission - VR is here!


Above is a fun Behind-The-Scenes 360 VR video we put together of the trip. Watch it on your phone or VR goggles for the best experience.

I again had the pleasure of working with Director, Corey Rich, on his Nikon KeyMission film as the Director of Photography. In our month long adventure we had non-stop down pouring rain in the Columbia River Gorge, non-stop winds in Texas, our minds blown in Kenya and our skin burned in Thailand. Our athletes and talent were amazing to work with as they all showed how comfortable they were in their element. The highlight of the trip was definitely going to Kenya and stepping into, photographer, Ami Vitale's world and seeing the passion she has for the stories she covers. Check out Corey's great blog about the trip and check out the individual stories we also produced:

Above is the final inspirational promo video

Director: Corey Rich
Producer: Josh Marianelli, Lindsey Thompson
DP/Dir of Photography: Dane Henry
2nd Unit DP: Brett Lowell
Additional Camera: Corey Rich, Bligh Gillies, Shawn Corrigan
Aerial Pilot: Sean Haverstock, Mike Hagadorn
Aerial Camera Control: Dane Henry
1st AC: Shawn Corrigan, Bryan Lyscinsky, Canyon FLorey
2nd AC: Jose Borda
DIT: Sean Davis
Editors: Rex Lint
AE: Dane Henry, Sean Davis
GFX: Barry Thompson, Dane Henry