The Dawn Wall, Google Maps & More...


There really is no place like Yosemite Valley in California, it truly is one of my favorite places to be in the world. I had the pleasure of spending a couple weeks this past January shooting on two projects in the valley for Big Up Productions and Sender Films. Watching and documenting Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgenson send “The Dawn Wall” route on El Cap was truly inspiring.

My hat goes off to Brett Lowell, Corey Rich And Kyle Berkompas as they stayed on the wall for up to 9 days at a time to film the close up footage of the climb and life on the wall. Using telephoto lens’, I spent 4 days shooting from the summit’s edge to get side angle views of the climb.  It was crazy to see how much the world media and public took notice of the two rock climbers ascent. Congratulations to Tommy and Kevin!

The whole production team stayed another week to shoot a Sender-BigUP project for Google. Creative Agency and Production company, Sender-BigUp, brought me on to help shoot El Cap scenics & Lifestyle footage of Lynn Hill and Alex Honnald for their Google “Yosemite’s El Cap” Launch video. With the launch video Josh Lowell & Peter Mortimor of Sender-BigUp do a really beautifull job weaving the narrative of exploration and “the human desire to delve into the unknown”.

Check out the Google site devoted to the amazing & ground-breaking Panoramic’s shot by Corey Rich & Brett Lowell for the project.