Otherworldly Lebanon


“Avaatara” now live at Red Bull & Vimeo. A rock climbing 1st ascent, by David Lama, out of the other worldly Baatara Gorge in Lebanon. David named the Route “Avaatara”, a combination of the place Baatara and the movie title “Avatar” that the gorge resembles.


It really was incredible to watch David find, figure out the complex sequence and finally climb a line out of the sinkhole.

We shot on Nikon D4s, Nikon D810 and Red Dragon Cameras. We were able to get a 30ft jib out over the top out of the climb with the Red Dragon on the Movi M10 with the Freefly Wedge for Focus & Zoom, then used Foolcontrol/Hotlink to talk the camera as well as give us Iris control. Aerials were flown duel Operator with the Freefly Cinestar and M5.

Lebanon was a beautiful an exciting location to shoot. Great climbing, food, people and beer. I’ll be back!

Corey has a great blog post about the productions over at his site: Corey Rich Productions

Thanks to: FreeFly Systems, SmallHD, Red Bull – Athlete Special Projects, Florian Klingler, Roy Mrad, Jad Khoury