Funny Tribute with Alex Honnald & Stride Health


A beautiful summer day in the Sierra. Hanging out on the East Wall of Lovers Leap. Legendary climbing filmaker Eric Pearlman. The Hatchett brother's heavey Metal band, Fortress. The master climber Alex Honnold...and a wig.

Those are all the ingredients, to a funny tribute to Dan Osmans speed climbing record, Director Corey Rich brought together to make a unique ad for Stride Health. We had a great time creating this piece and I was super fortunate to DP the project and edit the film with Corey.

Corey pretty much invited out the whole Tahoe climbing community to help hump loads up to the top of Lover Leap! By the end we had a full band with smoke machine, amps, lights, 30ft camera crane and a crowd hanging out at the top of the East Wall.

Production Services: Novus Select
Director: Corey Rich
Producer: Josh Marienelli
DP: Dane Henry
2nd Camera: Bligh Gillies
Crane & MoVI Tech: Sean Haverstock & Canyon Florey
Additional Support: Ming Poon, Abe Greenspan, Victoria Low and so many of Tahoe's finest! Thanks everyone
Film Editor: Dane Henry